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Cookbook Recommendation: The Plant Soirée by Sarala Terpstra

A few years ago, when I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, I stumbled across Sarala Terpstra’s absolutely beautiful Instagram account featuring veganized, classic French recipes. Since then, we’ve struck up a virtual friendship through Instagram messages, she has published two cookbooks (see the other one here) and moved to a small village in the French countryside.

She recently published this one - her second cookbook, which I rushed to buy and then read cover-to-cover. I haven't actually made any of the recipes in it yet, and cannot wait until I have the time to try some. There are so many visually stunning recipes in this book, like the Spiral Vegetable Tart (pictured on the cover), the towering Stuffed Cabbage and the Pesto Sun Tart.

Sarala has generously shared her Beet Tartare recipe from her first cookbook with us. You can find it here: Sarala Terpstra's Beet Tartare.

You can buy Vegan French Favorites at Sarala's Amazon page.

P.S. If you don’t follow her yet, treat yourself and head over to @saralaterpstra on Instagram.

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